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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: P6040-014
Exam Name: IBM SurePOS 500 Models 5×5 Technical Mastery

Which type of processor is in the IBM SurePOS 5×5 models?

A.    2.0GHz Celeron processor
B.    2.53GHz Celeron D processor
C.    3.60GHz Pentium D processor
D.    3.73GHz Pentium 4 processorWArialMangalZ

Answer: B

Which three processor characteristics are found in the IBM SurePOS 5×5 series? (Choose three.)

A.    It is non-socketed.
B.    It operates at 2.53GHz.
C.    It has an Intel chipset.
D.    It has a 533MHz frontside bus.
E.    It has an Integrated Graphics Processor.
F.    It does not support multi-media applications.WArialMangalZ

Answer: BCD

What is the technology called that cools critical IBM SurePOS 500 system components?

A.    cooling wind technology
B.    cooling pipe technology
C.    mobile cooling technology
D.    cooling tunnel technologyWArialMangalZ

Answer: D

What are two advantages of the infrared technology used in the IBM SurePOS 5×5? (Choose two.)

A.    It is the most economical to mass produce.
B.    Field calibration is only required once a year.
C.    Infrared touch screens have an unlimited number of touches.
D.    It provides the best overall image quality of any touch technology.
E.    A special coating makes infrared touch screens easier to clean than other   technologies.WArialMangalZ

Answer: CD

How many USB ports are available on the IBM SurePOS 5×5?

A.    five
B.    nine
C.    three
D.    sevenWArialMangalZ

Answer: B

What are three Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) for the main system display? (Choose three.)

A.    the video card
B.    the front bezel
C.    the LCD assembly
D.    the video memory
E.    the entire display
F.    the backlight bulbsWArialCourierCourier NewMangalZX

Answer: BCE

Passleader Provides Updated IBM P6040-014 Brain Dumps With 20% Discount