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Microsoft Practice Test

Microsoft Practice Test

[4/Dec/2018 Updated] PassLeader Best Valid 70-761 Braindump in VCE and PDF Help Passing Exam

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You are developing a mobile app to manage meetups. The app allows for users to view the 25 closest people with similar interests. You have a table that contains records for approximately two million people. You create the table by running the following Transact-SQL statement:

You create the following table valued function to generate lists of people:

You need to build a report that shows meetings with at least two people only. What should you use?


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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com that contains a domain controller named DC1. All DNS servers for the network run BIND 10. Your perimeter network contains a DHCP server named DHCP1 that runs Windows Server 2016. DHCP1 is a member of a workgroup named WORKGROUP. DHCP1 provides IP address leases to guests accessing the Wi-Fi network. Several engineers access the network remotely by using a VPN connection to remote access server that runs Windows Server 2016. All of the VPN connections use certificate-based authentication and are subjects to access policies in Network Policy Server (NPS). Certificates are issued by an enterprise certification authority (CA) named CA1. All Windows computers on the network are activated by using Key Management Service (KMS). On-premises users use Remote Desktop Services (RDS). You plan to deploy IP Address Management (IPAM) to the network. Which action can you perform on the network by using IPAM?

A.    Audit authentication events from DC1.
B.    Create DHCP reservations on DHCP1.
C.    Audit certificate enrollment requests on CA1.
D.    Manage activations on the KMS server.

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You have a deployment of System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch). You configure hybrid mobile device management (MDM). You enroll several Apple iOS devices and deploy compliance policies. One of the devices is marked as noncompliant. You need to retrieve the logs from the device.
Solution: You turn on the collection of usage data on the device. From Settings, you tap Company Portal, and then turn on Usage data.
Does this meet the goal?

A.    Yes
B.    No

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Your company plans to release a new computer model that uses an NVM Express (NVMe) host controller interface. You have a USB key that is used to start Windows Pre installation Environment (Windows PE). You need to ensure that when you start the new computers from the USB key, the drivers of the NVMe host controller are available. Which command should you run?

A.    dism.exe
B.    oscdimg.exe
C.    copype.cmd
D.    bcdboot.exe

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You have a Power BI model for sales data. You create a measure to calculate the year-to-date sales. You need to compare the year-to-date sales with the previous year for the same time period. Which DAX function should you use?


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You plan to use Azure platform tools to detect and analyze food items in smart refrigerators. To provide families with an integrated experience for grocery shopping and cooking, the refrigerators will connect to other smart appliances, such as stoves and microwave ovens, on a LAN. You plan to build an object recognition model by using the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit. The object recognition model will receive input from the connected devices and send results to applications. The training data will be derived from more than 10 TB of images. You will convert the raw images to the sparse format. You need to ensure that a web service endpoint can receive image data and use an object recognition model to return the expected object and the confidence level of the model. The solution must minimize the effort required to generate the client code to access the web service. Which resource should you use?

A.    The edX Data Science Learning Dashboard.
B.    Azure Machine Learning Studio.
C.    Cortana Intelligence Gallery.
D.    The Data Science Virtual Machine.

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Which User Subscription License (USL) provides the same Software Assurance (SA) benefits as Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Core CAL Suits, and Windows 10 Enterprise E3?

A.    a Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 From SA USL
B.    an Office 365 Enterprise E5 full USL
C.    a Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 full USL
D.    an Office 365 Enterprise E1 From SA USL