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IBM Exam Dumps

IBM Exam Dumps

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A customer has many highly variable Linux workloads that would virtualize very well with z/VM. The customer needs end to end resource and workload policy management. They need to provision and deploy new instances of Linux easily and quickly in the future. Which of these alternatives would be the most appropriate zEnterprise solution?

A.    Linux on z/VM and IFLs with Unified Resource Manager
B.    zBX since recent announcements shift focus away from Linux on z/VM as a viable solution
C.    Linux on POWER blades in a zBX with Unified Resource Manager for simplified management
D.    Linux on z/VM and IFLs with Services to setup and provide ongoing support for z/VM

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What type of cloud resource contains compute nodes?

A.    IP group
B.    Cloud group
C.    Virtual machine
D.    Environment profile

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When creating a database from the workload console, which field is optional?

A.    Code set
B.    Schema file
C.    Database user
D.    Collating sequence

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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2180-273
Exam Name: IBM Business Process Manager Advanced V8.0, Integration Development

An application receives a batch of order records that are needed to populate a database. An order record is received that will cause an insert into the database table. Subsequent records will update this record. It is important that the: ?insert record is processed first. ?updates are processed so that the order record has the correct information at the end of processing. ?If update 1 changes the quantity from 5 to 20. ?If update 2 changes the quantity from 20 to 11. ?If update 2 is processed before update 1, the order quantity will no longer be correct. Which of the following quality of service (QoS) qualifiers should the integration developer use?

A.    Add the Join Transaction qualifier to the interface of the component.
B.    Add the Join Activity Session qualifier to the interface of the component.
C.    Add the Event Sequencing qualifier to the interface of the component.
D.    Add the Event Sequencing qualifier to the implementation of the component.


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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2150-039
Exam Name: IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 Implementation

Corporate policy states that the service desk resets passwords after five failed logon attempts. Which report provides the user identity qualifying for a password reset?

A.    Locked Account History
B.    User Password Change History
C.    Failed Authorization Event History
D.    Failed Authentication Event History


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Vendor: IBM
Exam Code: C2140-051
Exam Name: Rational Developer for System z v7.6

What does the IBM?SCLM Developer Toolkit use to provide SCLM services to Eclipse projects and host-based SCLM projects?

A.    the CARMA infrastructure
B.    the Eclipse repository provider model
C.    a proprietary SCLM programming interface
D.    the Jazz repository access model


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Exam Name: IBM Information Analyzer v8.5

As part of a maintenance team for an InfoSphere MDM Server implementation, you are investigating the “EndDate must be after StartDate” error. This error is generated multiple times when uploading large delta requests containing multiple objects of different types. Which action would help you to quickly detect the object causing this error?

A.    Check all of the objects in the request message for discrepancy in the dates.
B.    Run the transaction causing the error in debug mode.
C.    Check the error response for component details to identify the correct object type.
D.    Change the log level to a higher level.