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Which VIPR SRM component allows the use of formulas to compute complex KPIs?

A.    Web Portal
B.    Collector-Manager
C.    Metric Database
D.    SolutionPacks

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What is the purpose of the XtremIO Installation Summary Form?

A.    Store customer and cluster network information
B.    Provide a customized cabling diagram
C.    Verify weight, temperature, and power requirements
D.    Provide a customized host-attach guide

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What is the default maximum number of TimeFinder/Snap sessions that can be created from a source volume on a VMAX 20K array?

A.    14
B.    15
C.    32
D.    128

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During Consistency Group initialization, the host application experiences a performance impact. What can be used to reduce the negative impact on performance?

A.    I/O throttling
B.    Detect bottlenecks
C.    FC diagnostics
D.    IP diagnostics

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What is the command to renumber the nodes of the cluster?

A.    lnnset
B.    ipset
C.    deliprange / iprange
D.    interface

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A customer has implemented an Oracle application on a Symmetrix VMAX with a mix of Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) and FC 15K drives. EFD are configured in RAID 5, and FC 15K drives are configured both in RAID 5 and RAID 1. In terms of IOPS activity, reads are predominant over writes. The customer decided to place a portion of the database in each tier. Which Oracle database object(s) is suitable for placing on the FC 15K RAID 1 drives?

A.    Redo log files
B.    Data files
C.    Index files
D.    Temp file

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A customer is trying to perform an SRDF/A Consistent Mode Change. The change rejected repeatedly by the secondary array. What could cause this condition?

A.    More than 50% of the SRDF/A write cache on the R2 site is in use
B.    Enginuity versions on both arrays are below 5875
C.    SRDF/A MSC is not configured
D.    The 70% cache write pending limit on the primary array is reached