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You’re about to deploy an Enterprise-class VoWLAN infrastructure. You need to ensure that QoS is properly configured throughout the network. What Access Category (AC) should voice frames/packets use?

A.    AC_VI
B.    AC_VO
C.    AC_BE
D.    AC_BK

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What is the function of 802.11 Management frames?

A.    Manage the BSS.
B.    Manage the flow of data.
C.    Communicate configuration changes between WLAN controller and APs.
D.    Prioritize network administration traffic.

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Given: WLAN attacks are typically conducted by hackers to exploit a specific vulnerability within a network. What statement correctly pairs the type of WLAN attack with the exploited vulnerability? (Choose 3)

A.    Management interface exploit attacks are attacks that use social engineering to gain credentials from managers.
B.    Zero-day attacks are always authentication or encryption cracking attacks.
C.    RF DoS attacks prevent successful wireless communication on a specific frequency or frequency range.
D.    Hijacking attacks interrupt a user’s legitimate connection and introduce a new connection with an evil twin AP.
E.    Social engineering attacks are performed to collect sensitive information from unsuspecting users.
F.    Association flood attacks are Layer 3 DoS attacks performed against authenticated client stations.