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1Y0-400 Exam Dumps

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Why does using snapshots help manage the image release process?

A.    Because they enable rollbacks
B.    Because they help manage version control
C.    Because they use storage array features to offload host processing
D.    Because they automatically deploy the latest drivers and patches

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The company is implementing XenDesktop globally for desktop virtualization. How should the architect recommend installment of controllers for high availability?

A.    Install two controllers in London and two in Paris.
B.    Install two controllers in New York and two in Hong Kong.
C.    Install two controllers in Hong Kong and two in Tokyo.
D.    Install two controllers in New York and two in London.


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Why should memory and network utilization be used to identify bottlenecks?

A.    Excessive memory and network utilization will slow the creation of new sessions.
B.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the data collector will slow down Web Interface authentication.
C.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the data collector will slow down application enumeration.
D.    Excessive memory and network utilization on the XenApp server will affect the local host cache.


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Scenario: The company needs to ensure that the provisioning traffic does NOT interfere with the exisiting PXE solution. The Provisioning Services servers will be connected to a 10 Gbps network. How does using a dedicated switch help the company secure streaming traffic?

A.    Dedicated VLANs ensure streaming traffic is NOT visible to other VLANs in the datacenter.
B.    Dedicated switches enable streaming traffic to be encrypted with IPsec.
C.    Dedicated switches allow the necessary TCP offload settings to be configured on the streaming NIC.
D.    Dedicated switches enable isolation of Spanning Tree instances.


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An architect is recommending an antivirus policy for Provisioning Services servers that are being used to provision pooled desktops. Which two options should the architect recommend for optimal performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable scan on read
B.    Prohibit write cache scanning
C.    Increase scheduled scanning frequency
D.    Exclude scanning of the target device drivers


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Scenario: An architect is designing a NetScaler solution that implements GSLB. The solution must provide StoreFront access through a single URL worldwide and maintain a highly available configuration globally as well as locally. How many StoreFront servers are recommended to implement this configuration?

A.    Six, one site for each store
B.    Six, two in each datacenter
C.    Three, one in each datacenter
D.    Four, two in the primary and two in the backup datacenter


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Users must be able to connect remotely from their own mobile devices. What should the architect consider to increase the security of the current authentication solution?

A.    Adding a second authentication factor
B.    Placing domain controllers in the DMZ for remote users
C.    Shortening the Active Directory password expiration period
D.    Populating the RDS user profile path in the Active Directory user accounts